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2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Teacher Education Preparation

PORTAL ONE: Declaration of a Major

When a student selects a teacher education program as a major, that student’s current advisor will counsel the student to enroll in EDTC 100 and will forward the student’s folder to the proper teacher program office.


Eligibility to enroll at McNeese


Enrollment in EDTC 100: Introduction to Technology in Education

PORTAL TWO: Admission to a Teacher Education Program

 First-time freshmen students are advised in the Division of Basic Studies for a maximum of one year. Upon declaring a major the student is assigned an advisor in the academic department. Assignment to a teacher educator advisor does not imply acceptance into a teacher education program. Portal Two prerequisites must be met.


Completion of 30 semester hours with minimum 2.5 GPA on all work completed.
Grade of “C” or better in SPED 204/EDUC 204 and in all courses in major and minor fields.
Grade of “C” or better in freshman English (ENGL 101 and 102)
Grade of “C” or better in all required education and psychology courses.
Minimum score on Praxis test (minimum required score subject to change): Reading, 176; Writing, 175; Mathematics, 175.
Passing grade in MATH 113

Completion of the application for admission to a teacher education program:

  • Autobiography/Rubric
  • Field Experience Self-Report Data Form
  • Official verification of Praxis scores
  • Two letters of recommendation from non-McNeese sources
Note: An ACT composite of 22 or SAT score of 1030 may be submitted in lieu of Praxis score. Acceptable NTE scores may be submitted in lieu of Praxis scores. Additional information on admission to a teacher education program may be obtained from an advisor or from the Office of Student Teaching and Professional Education Services (ST/PES).


Credit for EDUC 200 (Entrance into Teacher Education).
Enrollment in upper-level professional education courses.

PORTAL THREE: Assignment to Student Teaching

 The teacher education candidate prepares for student teaching by completing all content area and preliminary professional education courses and passing all licensure tests. The candidate’s observation course must be taken the semester prior to student teaching. During one of the meetings for the observation course, the candidate will complete an application for student teaching, verifying that all prerequisites have been met.

Program Observation Course
Art Education ARED 414
Early Childhood EDUC 409
Elementary Education EDUC 410
Health and Physical Education EDUC 410 or EDUC 412
Music Education (Instrumental, Vocal) MUED 422
Secondary Education EDUC 412
Special Education SPED 466



Completion of the application for student teaching.
Senior standing.
Minimum scores on Praxis licensure tests (subject to change): Principles of Learning, 161; Content Area, varies according to area.
Minimum grade of “C” on all professional education and content major and minor courses.
Completion of all required methods courses.
Application for student teaching field with and approved by the ST/PES director.
Student teaching assignment from the ST/PES director.


 Student teaching assignment.*
*Note: Students enrolled in ARED 445, ARED 483, ARED 485, EDUC 468E, EDUC 468P, EDUC 468S, EDUC 483E, EDUC 483P, EDUC 483S, EDUC 485E, EDUC 485P, EDUC 485S, EDUC 683, EDUC 685, HHP. 468, MUED 442, SPED 468, SPED 488, SPED 610, and SPED 611 are considered full-time students in the fall and spring semesters to prevent student loans from entering repayment status, for insurance purposes, and for Citizenship and Immigration Services reporting.

PORTAL FOUR: Recommendation for Graduation and Certification

A candidate who successfully completes student teaching should have completed all requirements for graduation and certification. The candidate’s department will check all graduation requirements and recommend that candidate for graduation. At one of the meetings required for student teachers, the candidate will complete an application for certification and will submit that application to the MSU Certification Specialist who will check the application for completion of all requirements and will submit the application to the state of Louisiana with recommendation that the candidate be certified.


Successful completion of all certification/graduation requirements.


 Recommended for graduation and certification.