Jul 21, 2018  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog

Elementary Education Grades 1-5, BS

Total Hours Required for Degree:  120

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Elementary Education Grades 1-5 leads to initial teacher certification.

The curriculum contained in this catalog is subject to changes based upon the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s review and approval of the University’s redesigned teacher preparation curriculum. Check with the dean of the Burton College of Education to obtain a copy of the BESE-approved curriculum. All Teacher Education Preparation requirements must be satisfied for this degree.

Sophomore Fall - 18 hours

Note:  EDUC 203 requires 10 field experience hours, and EDUC 216 requires 10 field experience hours.

The EDUC 200 packet must be submitted and approved to be eligible to enroll in EDUC/SPED 300/400 level courses.

Junior Fall - 15 hours

Note:  EDUC 321 requires 15 field experience hours, EDUC 322 requires 15 field experience hours, EDUC 334 requires 15 field experience hours, EDUC 336 requires 15 field experience hours, and EDUC 408 requires 20 field experience hours.


Students must earn a grade of C or better in ENGL 101, ENGL 102, ENGL 351, and MATH 113, as well as in all EDTC, EDUC, PSYC, and SPED courses.

General Notes

  • All Baccalaureate degrees must include 40 hours at the 300/400 level.
  • All Baccalaureate degrees require at least one course from the life sciences and one course from the physical sciences categories in Area C of the General Education Core Curriculum.
  • All Baccalaureate degrees must include 12 hours of Writing Enriched courses in the General Education Core Curriculum and 6 hours in the major.
  • All Associate degrees must include 6 hours of Writing Enriched courses in the General Education Core Curriculum and 3 hours in the major.