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2008-2009 Academic Catalog 
2008-2009 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]



To Be Named   Commissioner of Higher Education


Pat Strong, Chairman   Franklin
Scott Brame, Vice Chairman   Alexandria
Artis Terrell Jr., Secretary   Shreveport
Robert J. Bruno   Covington
Richard E. D’Aquin   Lafayette
Maurice C. Durbin   Denham Springs
Donna Guinn Klein   New Orleans
Ingrid T. Labat   New Orleans
Robert W. Levy   Ruston
W. Clinton “Bubba” Rasberry, Jr.   Shreveport
Mary Ellen Roy (member-at-large)   New Orleans
William Clifford Smith   Houma
Victor T. Stelly   Lake Charles
Harold M. Stokes   Metairie
Roland M. Toups   Baton Rouge
James Klock (Student Representative)   LSU-Alexandria



Dr. Sally Clausen   System President


Winfred F. Sibille, Vice Chair   Sunset
Wayne Parker, Parlimentarian   Ruston
Jimmy D. Long, Sr.   Natchitoches
Elsie P. Burkhalter   Slidell
Michael H. Woods   Shreveport
Paul Aucoin   Thibodaux
Victor Bussie   Baton Rouge
Andre G. Coudrain   Hammond
Mildred G. Gallot   Grambling
Robert T. Hale   Lake Charles
Jeff Jenkins   Baton Rouge
Renee Lapeyrolerie   New Orleans
Russell Mosely   Baton Rouge
Walter R. Rhodes   New Orleans
Connie Rougeau   Not Listed
Eunice W. Smith   New Orleans
Olinda Ricard (Student Representative)   Thibodaux



Robert D. Hebert, Ph.D.   President
Jeanne Daboval, D.B.A.   Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
K. P. Ieyoub, Ph.D   Vice President of Administration and Student Affairs
Richard H. Reid, M.S.L.S.   Vice President of Development and Public Affairs
Eddie P. Meche, B.S., C.P.A.   Vice President of Business Affairs
Rosemary Gray, Ed.D.   Vice President of Special Services and Equity



Mitchell Adrian, D.B.A   Dean, College of Business
Wayne Fetter, Ed.D.   Dean, Burton College of Education
George F. Mead, Jr., Ph.D.   Interim Dean, DorÒ© School of Graduate Studies
Nikos Kiritsis, Ph.D.   Dean, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Stephanie Tarver, M.Ed   Dean, Enrollment Management and Registrar
Ray Miles, Ph.D.   Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Peggy L. Wolfe, Ph.D.   Dean, College of Nursing
George F. Mead, Jr., Ph.D   Dean, College of Science
Toby W. Osburn, M.Ed.   Dean, Student Services



Ann L. Watkins, Ph.D.   Accounting, Finance, and Economics
Frederick “Chip” LeMieux, Ph.D.   Agricultural Sciences
Mark L. Wygoda, Ph.D.   Biological and Environmental Sciences
Ron W. Darbeau, Ph.D.   Chemistry
Sharon VanMetre, Ed.D.   Educational Leadership and Instructional Technology
Jonathan Sullivan, Ph.D.   Engineering
Debra Hollingsworth, Ph.D., L.D.N., R.D.   Nutrition and Family Studies
Mike Soileau, Ed.D.   Health and Human Performance
Philippe Girard, Ph.D, Interim.   History
Joe L. Cash, Ph.D.   English and Foreign Languages
Lonnie Phelps, D.B.A.   Management, Marketing, and General Business
To Be Named   Mass Communication
Sid Bradley, M.A   Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics
Rebecca Riley, M.S.   Undergraduate Nursing
Valarie Waldmeier, M.N.   Coordinator, Graduate Nursing Program
Michele K. Martin, M.M.   Performing Arts
Steven Stinnett, Ph.D.   Physics
Dena Matzenbacher, Ph.D.   Psychology
Billy M. Turner, Ph.D.   Social Sciences
Royce D. Zant, Ed.D.   Teacher Education
Dorothy Ortego, M.S.   Engineering Technology
Lynn Reynolds, M.F.A.   Visual Arts



Charlene Abbott, B.G.S.   Director, Human Resources
Betty H. Anderson, M.Ed., M.S.   Director, Continuing Education
Alison Blevins, M.Ed.   Director, General and Basic Studies Academic Advising/Advanced Placement
Kathy E. Bond, M.Ed.   Director, Career Services
Gregory L. Bradley, M.Ed.   Director, Radiologic Sciences
Rachel Brouhard, B.S., M.B.A   Special Projects Officer
Donna Calvert, B.S.   Director, Clinical Laboratory Science
Ralynn F. Castete, M.S.E.   Director, Scholarships and Testing
Betty Jeanne Cayton, M.A., L.P.C.   Director, Counseling Center
Randel F. Cooper, M.Ed.   Assistant Director, Recreational Facilities
Stephanie Clark, B.S.   Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs
Janet Delaine, M.Ed.   Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Timothy Delaney, M.S.   Director, Services for Students with Disabilities
Kathleen Dougay, B.S.   Director, Institutional Research
Kim Dronett, B.S.   Administrator, Student Employment
Melissa Emerson, J.D.   International Student Affairs Officer
Patrick Eustis   Interim Coordinator, TASC Operations
Brian Ezell   Director, Physical Plant
Scott E. Goins, Ph.D.   Director, Honors College
Darrin Goodwin   Farm Manager
Michael Graham, M.A.   Chief Information Technology Officer
May Poché Gray, M.B.A.   Coordinator, Programs and Short Courses
Marshal Guidry, M.S.   Assistant Director, General and Basic Studies
Shannon Guillory, M.Ed   Associate Director, Financial Aid
Sharon Elisa Guillory, B.S.N., R.N.   Supervisor, Health Services
Georgina Heuring, M.B.A.   Budget Officer
Angela Hurley, M.Ed.   Testing Officer
Jay Jacobs, Ph.D   Conductor of Bands
Susan Kelley   Coordinator, Print Services
Dennis Kelly, M.A.   Coordinator, Adult Learning and Retention
Wilbert H. Kelly   Superintendent, Grounds
Janet Woolman, M.L.I.S.   Director, Research Services and Louisiana Environmental Research Center
Denise M. Lamendola, M.B.A.   Manager, Bookstore
Kelvin Lartigue, M.Ed.   Asst. Director/Counselor, Upward Bound
Donna Little, M.B.A.   Director, Small Business Development Center
Olivia Macon, M.A.   Assistant Dean, Student Services
Douglas W. McNiel, Ph.D.   Director, H. C. Drew Center for Economic Information Services
Stella Miller, M.Ed.   Director, Upward Bound
Martha Misik, M.Ed.   Director, Ann Rosteet Hurley Center for Economic Education
Erika Navarre, M.Ed.   Assistant Registrar
Kedrick Nicholas, M.S.   Coordinator, Student Activities
Melissa Northcutt, M.Ed   Director, Development Operations and Special Events
Joyce Patterson, M.S   Director, Alumni Affairs
James W. Pitre, Ed.S.   Director, Recreation Complex/Intramurals/Student Union
Betty A. Porter, M.Ed   Records Manager
Robert Prejean   Superintendent, Custodial Services
Richard Rhoden, A.S.   Director, Facilities and Plant Operations
Victoria Roach, B.S.   Internal Auditor
Michael A. Rodrigue, M.A.   Officer, Environmental Health, Safety and Haz. Waste
Cinnamon Salvadore, B.S.   Director, University Police
Taina J. Savoit, M.Ed   Director, Financial Aid
Donna N. Self, B.S., M.B.A.   Director, Freshman Foundations and Students in Transition
Robin Semien, M.Ed.   Assistant Registrar
William “Bill” Simon, M.Ed   Director, Recruiting
Kara Smith, M.A.Ed.   Director, Admissions
Dennis Stutes, M.S.   Director, University Computing Services
To Be Named   Director, M.B.A. Program
Chad Thibodeaux, M.S.   Coordinator, Technical Support and Networking Services
Chris Thomas, Ed.D.   Assistant Dean, Student Services
Candace V. Townsend, B.S.   Director, Public Information and Communications
Patsy Trahan, M.S.   Coordinator, Nursing Continuing Education
Helen Ware, Ph.D.   Director, Electronic Learning
Pamela L. Watkins, B.S.   Director, Purchasing and Property Control
Matthew Welsh, M.S.   Coordinator, Orientation
Marianne P. White, M.B.A.   Coordinator, Planned Giving and Donor Research
V. Faye White, Ph.D.   Director, Student Teaching and Professional Education Services
Mona White, B.S.   Comptroller
Steve Welch, M.Ed.   Assistant Director, Intramurals
To Be Named   Director, Institutional Effectiveness/Academic Support



Thomas McClelland, M.S.   Interim Director, Athletics
Louis C. Bonnette, B.A.   Director, Senior Associate Athletics/Director, Sports Information
Ryan Ivey, B.S.   Assistant Director/Internal Affairs/Coordinator of Athletic Events, Athletics
Scott Pendarvis, B.A.   Assistant Director/Business Affairs, Athletics
Bridget Martin, M.Ed.   Director, Associate Athletics/Coordinator, Athletics Compliance/Senior Women’s Administrator
Pam McGough, B.S.   Coordinator, Athletic Development
Pam LaFosse, B.S.   Assistant Director, Sports Information
Matt Viator, B.S.   Head Coach, Football
Dave Simmons, M.S.   Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Terry Burrows, B.S.   Head Coach, Baseball
Brooks Donald Williams, B.S.   Head Coach, Women’s Basketball
A. Neel Derouen   Head Coach, Men’s Golf
Michael Fluty, M.S.   Head Coach, Women’s Golf
Ronald “Scooter” Savoie, M.Ed.   Head Coach, Women’s Soccer
Christopher Malveaux, B.S.   Women’s Softball Head Coach
Magali Risoleo, B.S.   Women’s Tennis Head Coach
Brendon Gilroy, M.Ed.   Men/Women’s Track Head Coach
Dale Starr, B.A.   Women’s Volleyball Head Coach



Nancy L. Khoury, M.S   Library Director
Brian Sherman, M.S., M.A   Collection Management Librarian
Kathie G. Bordelon, M.L.S.   Archivist/Special Collections Librarian
Kenneth Awagain, M.L.I.S   Coordinator of Library Services
Rebecca Troy-Horton, M.L.S.   Documents Librarian
Joseph McNeill, M.S.L.S., M.L.S   System Administrator
David Guillory, M.L.S.   Catalog Librarian
Janice McFarlain, B.A.   Assistant
Patricia Threatt, M.L.I.S.   Assistant Archivist
Barbara Houssiere, M.L.I.S.   Reference Librarian
Jessica Hutchings, M.L.I.S.   Head Reference Librarian
Debbie Johnson-Houston, M.L.S.   Head Serial Librarian
Paul Drake, M.L.S.   Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Walter Fontane, M.L.S.   Reference Librarian
Joshua Finnell, M.L.S.   Reference Librarian
To Be Named   Instruction Librarian
To Be Named   Information Resources Librarian