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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Academic Scholarships for Full-Time Traditional Students

Academic scholarships are administered by the Office of Scholarships. The office coordinates the application, selection, and disbursement processes for academic scholarships and provides assistance to prospective and current students on scholarship availability. Additional information may be obtained by calling Student Central at (337) 475-5065 or (800) 622-3352 extension 5065.

The application for academic scholarships is combined with the online Application for Admission, which should be completed during the fall of an applicant’s senior year of high school. The online Application for Admission, ACT/SAT scores, and a six-semester high school transcript must be submitted by November 15 for priority consideration for an academic scholarship. The online application is available by clicking “Apply Now” at www.mcneese.edu.

Entering Freshmen:  Scholarship recipients are notified beginning in October. Entering freshman scholarships are applicable beginning with the fall semester of the freshman year. Some scholarships are renewable provided the student meets certain established criteria. A listing of scholarships and requirements is available on the Office of Scholarships webpage.
Transfer Students:  A limited number of transfer scholarships are available. Students transferring to McNeese may apply for scholarships when completing the online Application for Admission. 
Continuing Students:  Scholarships are awarded to upperclassmen on a limited basis. Students are encouraged to file an Academic Scholarship Application with Student Central.

Performance Scholarships (Music, Band, Art, Choral, Debate, Theater, Cheerleading, Cowgirl Kickers, Rodeo)

Students may be awarded scholarships for participation in music, band, art, choral, debate, theater, cheerleading, Cowgirl Kickers, rodeo, and athletics. These scholarships are administered by the department, administrator, or coach of the program. For more information, contact Student Central.

TOPS and Rockefeller Scholarships

The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) and Rockefeller Scholarships are available to eligible Louisiana high school graduates. The value of TOPS is determined by annual legislative appropriation. Information may be obtained from the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance at www.osfa.la.gov or (800) 259-5626.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is a public service program for persons who qualify for vocational rehabilitation services. Students should check with their high school counselor or the nearest Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Office.

McNeese Foundation and Private Donor Scholarships

A number of private donor awards, sponsored by private organizations, industry, the McNeese Alumni Association, and the McNeese Foundation, are available. The listing of McNeese Foundation Scholarships is located at mcneesefoundation.org/give. Application for McNeese Foundation and private donor scholarships should be made utilizing the McNeese Academic Scholarship Application.