Aug 15, 2018  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog


Board of Regents

Kim Hunter Reed, Ph.D. Commissioner of Higher Education

Regents Members

Robert W. Levy, Chair Dubach
Marty J. Chabert, Vice Chair Chauvin
Collis B. Temple, III, Secretary Baton Rouge
Claudia H. Adley, Executive Committee Benton
Thomas G. Henning, Executive Committee Lake Charles
Richard A. Lipsey, Executive Committee Baton Rouge
Edward D. Markle, Executive Committee New Orleans
Blake R. David Lafayette
Randy L. Ewing Quitman
Charles R. McDonald Bastrop
Darren G. Mire New Orleans
Sonia A. Perez Baton Rouge
Wilbert D. Pryor Shreveport
T. Jay Seale, III Hammond
Jacqueline Vines Wyatt Prairieville
Adarian D. Williams (Student Representative) Grambling

University of Louisiana System

James B. Henderson, D.M. President

Board of Supervisors

Alejandro Perkins, Chair Prairieville
Mark Romero, Vice Chair Lafayette
James Carter, Parliamentarian New Orleans
John Condos Lake Charles
Edward J. Crawford, III Shreveport
Lola Dunahoe Natchitoches
Pamela Egan Covington
Thomas Kitchen Metairie
Jimmie “Beau” Martin, Jr. Cut Off
Johnny McFerren (June 1- August 2) Stonewall
Shawn Murphy Jonesboro
Elizabeth Pierre Monroe
Vigil Robinson, Jr. New Orleans
Robert Shreve Baton Rouge
Winfred F. Sibille Sunset
Anthony B. Kenney, Jr. (Student Representative) Baton Rouge

Administrative Officials

Daryl V. Burckel, D.B.A President
C. Mitchell Adrian, D.B.A. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Eddie P. Meche, B.S., C.P.A. Vice President for Business Affairs
Chris Thomas, Ed.D. Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Richard H. Reid, M.S.L.S. Vice President for University Advancement
Stephanie Tarver, M.Ed. Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Jessica Hutchings, M.L.I.S. Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Chad Thibodeaux, M.S. Chief Information Technology Officer
Michael T. Snowden, Ph.D. Chief Diversity Officer
Bruce Hemphill, M.Ed. Director of Athletics
Kedrick Nicholas, M.S. Associate Dean of Students

Academic Deans 

Cynthia Cano, Ph.D. Interim Dean, College of Business
Wayne Fetter, Ed.D. Dean and Advisor to the Interim Dean, Burton College of Education (July 1- October 1)
Angelique Ogea, Ed.D. Interim Dean, Burton College of Education
Ray Miles, Ph.D. Dean, William J. Doré, Sr. School of Graduate Studies
Nikos Kiritsis, Ph.D. Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Michael Buckles, D.M.A. Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Peggy L. Wolfe, Ph.D. Dean, College of Nursing and Health Professions
George F. Mead, Jr., Ph.D Dean, College of Science and Agriculture
Debbie Johnson-Houston, M.L.I.S. Director, Lether E. Frazar Memorial Library

Academic Department Heads

William Jens, Ph.D. Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics
Frederick “Chip” LeMieux, Ph.D. Department of Agricultural Sciences
William Dees, Ph.D. Department of Biology
Pankaj Chandra, Ph.D. Department of Chemical, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering
Kiran Boggavarapu, Ph.D. Department of Chemistry and Physics
Deborah King, Ph.D. Department of Education Professions
Matthew Aghili, Ph.D. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Keagan Lejeune, Ph.D. Department of English and Foreign Languages
Sattaria Dilks, D.N.P. Department of Graduate Nursing
Ann Warner, Ph.D. Department of Graduate Nursing
Mike Soileau, Ed.D. Department of Health and Human Performance
Michael T. Smith, Ph.D. Department of History
Lonnie Phelps, D.B.A. Department of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration
Tracy Standley, Ph.D. Department of Mass Communication
Karen Aucoin, Ph.D. Department of Mathematical Sciences
Lonny Benoit, D.M.A Department of Performing Arts
Dena Matzenbacher, Ph.D. Department of Psychology
Gregory Bradley, M.Ed. Department of Radiologic and Medical Laboratory Science
Gregory Clark, Ph.D. Department of Social Sciences
Rebecca Riley, M.S. Department of Undergraduate Nursing
Lynn Reynolds, M.F.A. Department of Visual Arts