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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog

Academic and Student Support Services

To assist students with developing, progressing toward, and achieving their academic goals, the University provides many academic and student support services for students.

Career and Student Development Center

The Career and Student Development (CSD) Center, located in Holbrook Student Union across from the University Bookstore, provides services for students and alumni related to career goals. Services are designed to assist with developing professional skills and to provide information about employment and internship opportunities. The CSD Center provides a variety of career-related services, including:

  • Career and major exploration
  • Career guidance and advisement
  • Professional document writing (e.g., résumé, cover letter, etc.)
  • Interview preparation and techniques
  • Job search strategies

The CSD Center is committed to serving students and employers and assisting both to meet employment needs. Through the biannual offerings of the Career Fair and the School District Recruitment Fair, students are provided with direct career and networking opportunities with employers. The CSD Center also coordinates informational sessions and on-campus recruitment, as well as job, internship, and career announcements.

Additional information may be obtained online at or by calling (337) 475-5612.

Career Testing

Career testing, or career assessment, provides students with information intended to lead to greater self-understanding and to informed decisions about education and career goals. This information can be used to assist students in the process of selecting a major and/or career path.

The Counseling Center currently offers the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments for a small fee. A free online assessment is also available to enrolled students. Students interested in career testing should complete the online request form available at or call (337) 475-5136. Once the self-assessment is completed, the student schedules a follow-up career counseling appointment to discuss results and understand how to effectively use them in the process of choosing a major and/or career.

Computer Labs

Open-access computer labs, provided by the University and the Technology Advancement Student Committee (TASC), are available for student use. TASC, funded through a student self-assessed fee dedicated to the purchase, upkeep, and management of technology for student and academic support, also operates the TASC Help Desk which assists students with password and computer-related issues. The TASC Help Desk, located in the Holbrook Student Union, can be contacted at (337) 475-5995 or

The Academic Computing Center, located in Kirkman Hall Rooms 117E and 117D, is an open-access computer lab provided by the University. The computing center contains resources and hardware necessary to use current operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS, as well as the latest Microsoft Office Suite. The center houses numerous computers as well as printers and scanners for student use. Technicians in the Academic Computing Center, located in Kirkman Hall Room 117A, also provide technical support for students with computer problems. Additional information, including hours of operation, can be obtained at

The Holbrook Ranch Computing Center, located in the Holbrook Student Union, is an open-access computer lab provided by TASC. The lab consists of approximately 68 computers (three of which are accessible); three flatbed scanners; and three laser printers. Additional information, including hours of operation, can be obtained at

The Library Computing Center, housed on the first floor of the library across from the coffee shop, is an open-access computer lab provided by TASC. The lab consists of 24 computers (one of which is accessible) and one laser printer. The lab's hours of operation are the same as those of the library. Additional information, including hours of operation, can be obtained at or

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center, located in Kaufman Hall Room 112E, provides comprehensive mental health counseling services to all enrolled students. Counseling helps students to effectively manage daily stressors, experience personal growth and development, and succeed in fulfilling their academic goals. The Center is staffed by Licensed Professional Counselors and also serves as an internship site for graduate-level counseling interns from the McNeese counseling psychology program.

Counseling services are funded through a student self-assessed fee. No additional payment is required at the time counseling services are rendered. The Center also offers marital/family/couples counseling if at least one person participating is an enrolled student. Select assessments for learning disabilities are available by appointment.

Confidentiality is strictly maintained in accordance with state counseling ethical guidelines and applicable law. Records are kept separate from other University/academic records.

All enrolled students are invited to use the Counseling Center at any time during their academic enrollment. Students are encouraged to make appointments by calling (337) 475-5136, but walk-ins are available in the event of an emergency and crisis situations. Additional information may be obtained online at

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services, located in Drew Hall Room 200, provides academic support services and academic adjustments for emotionally, physically, and learning impaired students enrolled at the University. For students with disabilities that qualify for academic adjustments, services provided may include monitored testing, interpreters, and note-taking. The Office of Disability Services operates under the guidelines of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended. Students seeking academic adjustments or assistance with barrier removal should contact the Office of Disability Services, who will then review the request, obtain necessary documentation, and determine the appropriate academic adjustment. More information may be obtained online at or by calling (337) 475-5916.

Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center, located in Kaufman Hall, consists of a designated technology classroom for teaching foreign languages (Kaufman Hall Room 302), a conference room (Kaufman Hall Room 309), and a Language Laboratory (Kaufman Hall Room 308) that offers not only computer programs and recording capabilities but also a library of books and digital materials covering more languages than just those taught at McNeese. The Center provides live assistance for classes and independent study, as well as study tables for small-group tutoring. A Promethean board and smart TVs allow for group viewing.

Lether E. Frazar Memorial Library

The library is named for the first president of McNeese State University, Lether E. Frazar. The collections and services of the library are designed to complement the educational and research programs of the University.

The original building was erected in 1961. A four-story addition to the original structure was completed in 1974. A repair project and renovation was completed in 2017.

General Book Collection 

The general book collection is housed in open stack areas and is arranged by Library of Congress Classification. The location of specific books may be determined by using the online catalog. Individuals borrowing books from the general collection must present an official University identification card, Friends of the Library card, or a LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing Card issued by another Louisiana institution of higher learning to an authorized person in the Public Services Department. Electronic books (e-books) are accessible 24/7 through the library’s online catalog.

Reserve Materials

Books and articles designated by faculty for reading by members of a class may be obtained from the reserves section located at the Public Services desk on the first floor of the library. The length of time that students may use reserve material is determined by the instructor.

Public Services

Personnel are available in Public Services, Interlibrary Loan, Serials, Government Information, and Archives to provide assistance to library users. Service may range from providing simple direction to a more complex reference interview using multiple library databases and other resources.

The Public Services Department houses general and specialized materials including atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, abstracts, and book reviews. The department contains computer workstations. Study guides for standardized tests are also available for limited check-out periods. These are located on the first floor of the library near the Public Services desk. Individuals must present a University or Friends of the Library identification card to an authorized person in the Public Services Department to borrow these materials. Located behind the first floor Public Services desk are national bestsellers for light reading. There is also a large seating area amenable to group or individual study. 

The library catalog, subscription databases, and other resources covering all of the disciplines at McNeese are accessible from the library’s website. Library patrons needing assistance in using these resources are welcome to contact the public services librarians at the Public Services desk on the first floor, which is staffed during all library operating hours. Patrons may also call or email public services librarians for assistance. The public services librarians are also available by appointment for personalized research assistance.

Public services librarians also conduct library instruction classes at the request of faculty. These sessions are tailored to meet the expectations of the faculty and may cover topics such as using the library catalogs and databases, searching for information, evaluating resources, and using information appropriately. The librarians can conduct tours of the building. The length of time for library instruction varies to suit the faculty.

Interlibrary Loan Service

Through its interlibrary loan service, the library will borrow materials necessary for research if the material is not available on-site. Material borrowed through interlibrary loan is subject to the rules of the lending library. Requests can be submitted electronically. Services have been enhanced by an electronic delivery system for articles, a statewide union catalog, and a courier service.

Government Information Services

The Government Information collection is located on the fourth floor of the library. The library is a selective depository for both federal and Louisiana government information. It receives some international, local, and regional government publications. Some federal, state, and international information is accessible in electronic formats. Holdings are listed in the library’s online catalog and many items may be checked out.

Periodicals Collection

The library’s periodicals collection is housed on the second floor of the library and includes magazines, journals, and newspapers. These may be available as unbound individual issues, bound back volumes, or as microforms. Full-text e-journals are accessible by searching EBSCO Discovery Service on the library’s website. Readers and printers for microforms are also available in the Millet Room on the second floor.

Archives and Special Collections

The Archives and Special Collections Department maintains materials which reflect the history of McNeese, Lake Charles, and Southwest Louisiana. Materials include published resources, such as the McNeese Review, the Contraband, the Log, student theses, rare books, and local history books. The department also collects archival resources, including personal papers, business records, correspondence, photographic materials, audiovisual materials, works of art, and maps. The department maintains an online digital library of images and other electronic resources beneficial to using and accessing our materials.

Online Systems

Through its membership in OCLC, the world’s largest online bibliographic utility, the library is capable of providing shared cataloging data and obtaining access to research collections nationally and internationally through interlibrary loan. As a charter member of LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network, the library provides users with access to online resources at a lower cost than would be possible without statewide collaborative effort.  Additional materials needed to support the University’s academic needs are purchased independently by the library and are available in both print and online formats.  Electronic resources and services are available through the library’s website. Because of licensing agreements, off-campus access to most online resources is restricted to students, faculty, and other authorized users through remote authentication.

Computer Lab

A TASC computer lab exclusively for students is located on the first floor of the library across from the coffee shop. It is equipped with personal computers and printing facilities, and it is open during most hours of library operation. Users have free access to word processing software, e-mail, and Internet-based resources. Some full-text materials are accessible via the LOUIS system and the library’s website. The library maintains computer workstations throughout the building that are available for all library users.

Special Services

Photocopiers, scanners, large group meeting rooms, group study rooms, and individual study areas are available. A coffee shop is located in the lobby.

Friends of the Library

Membership in the Friends of the Library group is open to anyone except McNeese students. Friends are entitled to all library privileges, such as borrowing materials and interlibrary loan. Funds generated by Friends of the Library memberships sponsor special library activities such as readings, lectures, exhibits, and workshops. Friends receive special invitations to all library-sponsored events.

Literature Lab

The Literature Lab, located in the Write to Excellence Center (WTEC) in Kaufman Hall Room 115, is a resource for students to discuss reading materials. Tutors help students learn how to annotate and create useful notes on readings; understand literary terms, techniques, and concepts; decipher poetic and/or archaic language; identify central themes and issues; and locate where problems of misinterpretation arise. Hours of operation are posted at and at the WTEC. Appointments can be made by calling (337) 562-4205 or by registering at Walk-ins are also welcome.

Math Lab Tutoring Center

The Math Lab Tutoring Center, located in Kirkman Hall Room 201, provides tutoring for students enrolled in MATH 113 - College Algebra. The lab consists of over 80 computer work tations for use by MATH 113 students for tutoring, working on homework, and completing quizzes. The Math Lab works on a first-come, first-served basis, so no appointments are necessary. To view tutoring times, visit

Student Health Services

Student Health Services, located in Watkins Infirmary, provides medical care for minor illnesses and injuries to currently enrolled students at no charge. Student Health Services is staffed with full-time registered nurses. During specified hours, physicians are available in the infirmary. Student Health Services operations are supported by student self-assessed fee.

Students in need of extended care of chronic or serious health problems are referred to local hospitals, medical offices, and ancillary health care service providers and should be prepared to present personal health insurance information and make appropriate payment arrangements for services received in these facilities.

In addition to acute medical care, Student Health Services provides wellness program and general health information to students and the campus community. Walk-in appointments with registered nurses are available anytime during regular office hours. Physician appointments should be scheduled in advance. Questions about health issues and available services or requests for consultations and appointments with healthcare providers should be directed to the staff by calling (337) 475-5748. Additional information may be obtained online at

Testing Services

The Office of Testing Services, located in Burton Business Center Room 210C, operates two testing centers:  an academic testing center and a Prometric testing center that provide institutional, national, graduate, and professional level examinations in a secure and accessible environment.

The Academic testing center offers testing services for college entrance and placement examinations (ACT, ACCUPLACER), graduate and professional school examinations (GRE, LSAT), licensing examinations (PRAXIS), national credit examinations (CLEP), and college correspondence course exams. Appointments or registration are required for all exams. Additional information, including exams offered, testing dates, scheduling, and applicable fees, may be obtained at or by contacting Testing Services at (337) 475-5181.

Prometric is the world leader in the administration of computer-based tests. Prometric has an extensive offering of admission, certification, and licensure exams. All Prometric exams require pre-registration and are scheduled by visiting the Prometric website at McNeese’s Prometric site is referenced by the number 1317. Scheduling is done on a space available basis, and all tests require pre-payment. Read program specifics for cancellation and rescheduling policy and fees.

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center, located in Kirkman Hall Room 129, provides tutoring for students enrolled in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and statistics courses. Tutoring is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and no appointments are necessary. To view tutoring times and subjects being tutored, visit

Write to Excellence Center

The Write to Excellence Center (WTEC), located in Kaufman Hall Room 115, aids students in strengthening writing skills and in thinking critically about their own writing. Besides offering feedback on written work, tutors provide students with guidance and help on the development of all aspects of the writing process, including brainstorming, theses, content, and citations. Tutors also provide students with assistance in any discipline or form of professional development, including resumé development, reports in technical fields, and academic writing and/or publications. While tutors do not proofread written work, they do assist students in the development of personal proofreading skills. Hours of operation are posted at the WTEC and online at Appointments can be made by calling (337) 562-4205 or by registering at Walk-ins are also welcome.