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2011-2012 Academic Catalog 
2011-2012 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Curricula Offerings

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AA: Associate of Arts
ADN: Associate Degree in Nursing
AGS: Associate of General Studies
AS: Associate of Science

DMCS Computer Information Technology AS
ENTC Engineering Technology Electronics, Instrumentation, Process Plant AS
GBST General Studies Anthropology, Applied and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Behavioral Sciences, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Family and Child Studies, Foreign Languages, Geography, Government, History/Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology, Visual Arts, Women's Studies AGS
UGNR Nursing ADN
SOSC Paralegal Studies AA



BA: Bachelor of Arts
BGS: Bachelor of General Studies
BM: Bachelor of Music
BMEd: Bachelor of Music Education
BS: Bachelor of Science
BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

*Denotes Optional Concentration

AFE Accounting  *Professional Accountancy and Exam Preparation, *Taxation BS
DDAS Agricultural Sciences Agribusiness, Animal Science,
Equine Science, General Agriculture,
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
DDAS Agricultural Education, Grades 6-12 BS
VART Art Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking BA
VART Art Education, Grades K-12 BA
HHP Athletic Training BS
BIHS Biological Science *Premedicine, *Predentistry, *Molecular Biology BS
BIHS Biology Education, Grades 6-12 BS
ELIT Business Education, Grades 6-12 BS
CHEM Chemistry *Biochemistry, *Forensics, *Premedicine BS
CHEM Chemistry Education, Grades 6-12 BS
BIHS Clinical Laboratory Science BS
DMCS Computer Science *Statistical Computing BS
MCOM Communication Studies Critical Thinking, Organizational Communication Studies, Professional Sales Communication BA
MCOM Communication Studies Education, Grades 6-12 BA
SOSC Criminal Justice *Terrorism, Preparedness, Security BS
TEDU Early Childhood Education, Grades PK-3 BS
TEDU Elementary Education, Grades 1-5 BS
ENTC Engineering Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering BS
ENTC Engineering Technology Electronics, Instrumentation, Process Plant/Management Pathway, Process Plant/Technical Pathway BS
ENFL English *Comparative Literature, *Writing BA
ENFL English Education, Grades 6-12 BA
DDAS Environmental Science Education, Grades 6-12 BS
NUFS Family and Consumer Sciences Dietetics, Family and Child Studies BS
AFE Finance *Economics, *Financial Analysis BS
ENFL Foreign Languages Comparative Literature, French, Foreign Language Education, Latin, Spanish BA
MMGB General Business Administration *Construction Management, *Entrepreneurship BS
GBST General Studies Arts and Humanities, Applied and Natural Sciences, Behavioral Sciences BGS
SOSC Government *Terrorism, Preparedness, Security BA
HHP Health and Physical Education, Grades K-12 BS
HHP Health and Human Performance, General Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Sport Management BS
HIST History *Southeastern American Indian Studies BA
HIST Liberal Studies *Geography, *Humanities, *Louisiana Studies, *Philosophy, *Pre-Law, *Religious Studies, *Southeastern American Indian Studies, *Theatre Arts, *Women and Gender Studies BA
MMGB Management *Human Resource Management, *Entrepreneurship BS
MMGB Marketing BS
MCOM Mass Communication Journalism, Media Production, Public Relations BS
DMCS Mathematics *Mathematical Statistics BS
DMCS Mathematics Education, Grades 6-12 BS
PART Music Performance, Band or Orchestral Instrument Performance, Piano Performance, Voice, Music Education-Instrumental, Grades K-12, Music Education-Vocal, Grades K-12 BM
DDAS Natural Resource Conservation Management BS
UGNR Nursing BSN
PHYS Physics *Health Physics BS
PSYC Psychology BS
BIHS Radiologic Sciences BS
HIST Social Studies Education, Grades 6-12 BA
SOSC Sociology *Terrorism, Preparedness, Security BA
ENFL Spanish BA



MA: Master of Arts
MBA: Master of Business Administration
MEng: Master of Engineering
MSN: Master of Science in Nursing
MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching
MEd: Master of Education
MFA: Master of Fine Arts
MS: Master of Science
EdS: Education Specialist
PBC: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

*Denotes Optional Concentration

MBA Business Administration *Accounting MBA
TEDU Counseling, Gr. K-12 PBC
ENFL Creative Writing MFA
TEDU Curriculum and Instruction Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Reading, Secondary Education MEd
TEDU Early Childhood Education, Gr. PK-3 PBC
TEDU Educational Diagnostician PBC
ELIT Educational Leadership MEd
ELIT Educational Leadership Educational Leadership, Educational Technology EdS
ELIT Educational Technology Leadership MEd
TEDU Elementary Education, Gr. 1-5 PBC
TEDU Elementary Education, Grades 1-5 MAT
ENGR Engineering Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Engineering Management MEng
ENFL English MA
DDAS/CHEM Environmental and Chemical Sciences Agricultural Sciences, Chemistry, Chemistry Education, Environmental Science, Environmental Science Education MS
HHP Health and Human Performance Exercise Physiology, Health Promotion, Nutrition and Wellness MS
ELIT Instructional Technology MS
DMCS Mathematical Sciences Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics MS
TEDU Middle School Education, Gr. 4-8 PBC
PART Music Education-Kodàly Studies PBC
GRNR Nursing Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, Nursing Leadership and Administration MSN
PSYC Psychology Addiction Treatment, Applied Behavior Analysis, Counseling Psychology, General/Experimental Psychology MA
TEDU Reading Specialist PBC
TEDU School Counseling MEd
TEDU School Librarian PBC
TEDU Secondary Education, Gr. 6-12 PBC
TEDU Secondary Education, Grades 6-12 MAT
TEDU Special Education Advanced Professionalism, Autism, Educational Diagnostician MEd
TEDU Special Education Early Intervention: Birth-5 PBC
TEDU Special Education Mild/Moderate for Elementary, Gr. 1-5 PBC
TEDU Special Education Mild/Moderate for Secondary Education, Gr. 6-12 PBC
TEDU Special Education Mild/Moderate, Grades 1-5 MAT


Minors (Subject to change)

Office Minor Name
DDAS Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Wildlife Management
BIHS Biology
ENGR Chemical Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
ENFL Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, English, French, Spanish, Writing
MCOM Communication Studies, Mass Communication
DMCS Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics
SOSC Criminal Justice, Government, Paralegal Studies, Philosophy, Sociology
NUFS Family and Child Studies, Nutrition
HIST History
PART Music, Theatre Arts
PHYS Physics
PSYC Psychology




AFE: Accounting, Finance, and Economics, College of Business
DDAS: Dripps Agricultural Sciences, College of Science
BIHS: Biology and Health Sciences, College of Science
CHEM: Chemistry, College of Science
ELIT: Educational Leadership and Instructional Technology, Burton College of Education
ENFL: English and Foreign Languages, College of Liberal Arts
ENGR: Engineering, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
ENTC: Engineering Technology, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
GBST: General and Basic Studies, Enrollment Management
GRNR: Graduate Nursing Program, College of Nursing
HHP: Health and Human Performance, Burton College of Education
HIST: History, College of Liberal Arts
MBA: Master of Business Administration Program, College of Business
MCOM: Mass Communication, College of Liberal Arts
DMCS: Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics, College of Science
MMBA: Management, Marketing, and Business Administration, College of Business
NUFS: Nutrition and Family Studies, College of Science
PART: Performing Arts, College of Liberal Arts
PHYS: Physics, College of Science
PSYC: Psychology, Burton College of Education
SOSC: Social Sciences, College of Liberal Arts
TEDU: Teacher Education, Burton College of Education
UGNR: Undergraduate Nursing, College of Nursing
VART: Visual Arts, College of Liberal Arts



For the purpose of identifying, advertising, and awarding degrees, McNeese State University uses the following terms:

Concentration: alternative track of courses within a Major or Option, accounting for at least 30 percent of the Major requirements.

Curriculum: description of required and elective courses for a Degree Program.

Degree: title of the award conferred on students upon completion of a unified program of study (e.g., Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts).

Degree Program: grouping of campus-approved courses and requirements (e.g., minimum GPA required, comprehensive examinations, English and Math proficiency) which, when satisfactorily completed by a student, will entitle him or her to a degree.

Degree Designation: each authorized program at public institutions of higher education is listed in the Board of Regents’ Inventory of Degree and Certificate Programs under the category “Degree Designation” (e.g., Bachelor of Science).

Degree Subject Area: primary discipline which constitutes the focus of a Degree Program. When a student satisfactorily completes a Degree Program, the student will be entitled to a degree in the appropriate subject area. (e.g., Biology, History, Visual Arts).

Major: part of a Degree Program which consists of a specified group of courses in a particular discipline(s) or field(s). The name of the Major is usually consistent with the Degree Subject Area. A Major usually consists of 25 percent or more of total hours required in an undergraduate curriculum.

Minor: part of a Degree Program which consists of a specified group of courses in a particular discipline(s) or field(s), consisting usually of 15 percent or more of total hours required in an undergraduate curriculum.

Option: alternative track of courses within a major, accounting for at least 50 percent of the Major requirements.

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