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2011-2012 Academic Catalog 
2011-2012 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

The H.C. Drew Endowment for Economic Development

Funded through a $6 million donation by the H.C. Drew Estate, the H. C. Drew Endowment for Economic Development was established to support new, or enhance existing, educational programs at McNeese. A pioneer in lumber, farming, and banking in Southwest Louisiana, Harrison C. Drew dedicated the trust named after him to education and economic development in the region. Consistent with his wishes, the proceeds of the endowment are dedicated to improving educational opportunities and experiences through the H. C. Drew Center for Associate Studies and the H. C. Drew Institute.

The H.C. Drew Center for Associate Studies

Ralynn Castete, Director

The H. C. Drew Center for Associate Studies provides access to higher education for students seeking the associate degree. The Center fulfills McNeese’s responsibility to these students through excellent academic planning, advisement, and career counseling. Through increases in the number of students graduating with associate degrees, the Center contributes to economic development in Southwest Louisiana by providing graduates with extensive knowledge in their field of study as well as a level of education necessary to good citizenship.

Functions of the H. C. Drew Center for Associate Studies include (1) recruiting students interested in associate programs, (2) providing services to enhance student achievement, (3) facilitating articulation of associate and baccalaureate degree programs, and (4) communicating with local business and industry in order to ensure the quality and usefulness of the University’s associate degree programs.

The H.C. Drew Institute

The H. C. Drew institute The H. C. Drew Institute reflects McNeese State University’s commitment to excellence in teaching. Its main purpose is to augment the University’s contributions to economic development by providing resources to enhance classroom instruction and educational services for students pursuing baccalaureate and/or master’s degrees. The efforts of the H. C. Drew Institute concentrate on learning, research, and service in educational programs directed toward entry into the job market or continuing professional education.

Operating through the Office of Academic Affairs, the Institute’s objectives are (1) to support teaching excellence through innovative course or program development, (2) to enhance student recruitment and retention, (3) to support economic development by graduating students well prepared in general education and in their special fields of study, and (4) to strengthen McNeese State University by supporting accreditation of programs.