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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Freshman Advising

The Office of Freshman Advising provides academic advising to first-time freshmen and assists in administering the University’s orientation and Peerleader programs. First-time freshmen are advised in the Office of Freshman Advising before transitioning to advising by the academic department of their chosen major. Advisors guide students in major selection and counsel them on matters that may affect their academic progress, especially regarding University policies and procedures.

Once freshmen have declared a major, earned a minimum of 12 credit hours, earned an overall GPA of 2.5, and successfully completed any required developmental coursework, they will be transferred to the academic department of their chosen major for advising. Students not meeting these requirements will remain in the Office of Freshman Advising until 24 credit hours are earned.

Freshmen who are undecided at the time of admission may have a preliminary major of general studies and will be advised according to the core curriculum listed in the catalog. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the academic advisor as soon as a major has been selected. Once the advisor has been notified and the major has been changed in the student information system, the student will be subject to the regulations of the catalog in effect at the time the major is selected.

Cowboy Camp: New Student Orientation

Cowboy Camp: New Student Orientation is designed primarily for first-time freshmen and covers the programs and policies of the University. This information assists freshmen in adapting to the University environment and in becoming a part of the University community. Orientation programs are scheduled during the summer for students who will be first-time freshmen in the fall. Freshmen meet with faculty, freshman advisors, Blue and Gold Peerleaders, and student organizations as they tour the campus and attend events designed to orient them to the campus and its many services. Each student will leave orientation with a class schedule for the following semester. Students must register in advance for the date they will attend orientation. Students who will be first-time freshmen in the spring will attend orientation in January. Students who register for one of the Cowboy Camp: New Student Orientation sessions are assessed a non-refundable $250 orientation fee.

Transfer and non-traditional student orientation programs are scheduled during the summer and in January for students transferring from another institution or for first-time freshmen who have not recently graduated high school. If a student is 21 years old or older, he or she is considered to be a non-traditional student. Students who register for the non-traditional/transfer orientation will be assessed a non-refundable $100 orientation fee. Online-only students now have a separate online orientation designed for the unique needs of the online learner. Online-only students will be assessed a $50 non-refundable orientation fee after completing the online orientation. Students who meet these criteria may find out more information by contacting Student Central at (337) 475-5065.