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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Inventory of Degree Programs

(Subject to change)

General and Basic Studies

General Studies  60 hours A.G.S.
General Studies  120 hours B.G.S.
Organizational Leadership 120 hours B.A.

College of Business

Accounting 120 hours B.S.
Business Administration 18 hours G.C.
Business Administration  33 hours M.B.A.
Finance  120 hours B.S.
General Business Administration  120 hours B.S.
Management  120 hours B.S.
Marketing  120 hours B.S.

Burton College of Education

Athletic Training 120 hours B.S.
Curriculum and Instruction  36 hours M.Ed.
Early Childhood Education-Grades PK-3 120 hours  B.S.
Early Childhood Education-Grades PK-3  30-33 hours P.B.C.
Educational Diagnostician  27 hours G.C.
Educational Leadership  36 hours M.Ed.
Educational Leadership  66 hours Ed.S.
Educational Technology Leadership  36 hours M.Ed.
Elementary Education-Grades 1-5 120 hours  B.S.
Elementary Education-Grades 1-5  36 hours M.A.T.
Elementary Education-Grades 1-5  30-33 hours P.B.C.
Health and Physical Education-Grades K-12  120 hours B.S.
Health and Human Performance, General  120 hours B.S.
Health and Human Performance 33-39 hours M.S.
Immersion Education 12 hours G.C.
Instructional Technology  36 hours M.S.
Middle School Education-Grades 4-8  27-33 hours P.B.C.
Multiple Levels-Grades K-12 21-30 hours P.B.C.
Psychology  120 hours B.S.
Psychology 39-57 hours M.A.
Reading Specialist  15 hours G.C.
School Counseling  36-66 hours M.Ed.
School Librarian 18 hours P.B.C.
Secondary Education and Teaching (Business Education concentration) 120 hours  B.S.
Secondary Education-Grades 6-12  36 hours M.A.T.
Secondary Education-Grades 6-12  27-33 hours P.B.C.
Special Education-Early Interventionist: Birth-5  24 hours P.B.C.
Special Education Mild/Moderate for Elementary Education-Grades 1-5 18 hours P.B.C.
Special Education Mild/Moderate for Secondary Education-Grades 6-12  24 hours P.B.C.

College of Engineering

Computer Science 120 hours B.S.
Engineering  128 hours B.S.
Engineering  30-36 hours M. Eng.
Engineering Technology  124 hours B.S.
Pump Reliability  15 hours G.C.
Pump Reliability  15 hours P.B.C.

College of Liberal Arts

Art  120 hours B.A.
Creative Writing  60 hours M.F.A.
Criminal Justice  120 hours B.S.
Criminal Justice 36 hours M.S.
English  120 hours B.A.
English  36 hours M.A.
Foreign Languages  120 hours B.A.
History  120 hours B.A.
Liberal Studies  120 hours B.A.
Mass Communication   120 hours  B.S.
Music Education-Kodàly Studies  18 hours P.B.C.
Music  120-132 hours B.M.
Paralegal Studies 60 hours A.A.
Political Science  120 hours B.A.
Sociology  120 hours B.A.

College of Nursing

Family Nurse Practitioner  12 hours P.M.C.
Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner *under development*  P.M.C.
Nursing  72 hours A.S.N.
Nursing  120 hours B.S.N.
Nursing  34-46 hours M.S.N.
Nursing Case Management  12 hours P.B.C.

College of Science

Agricultural Sciences  120 hours B.S.
Biological Science  120 hours B.S.
Chemistry  120 hours B.S.
Clinical Laboratory Science  120 hours B.S.
Environmental and Chemical Sciences  31-37 hours M.S.
Mathematical Sciences  30-36 hours M.S.
Mathematical Sciences  120 hours B.S.
Natural Resource Conservation Management  120 hours B.S.
Nutrition and Food Sciences  120 hours B.S.
Radiologic Sciences  120 hours B.S.
Secondary Education and Teaching (Chemistry Education, Environmental Science Education, and Physics Education concentrations)  120 hours B.S.