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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Community Services and Outreach

Betty Anderson, Director


Community Service and Outreach is dedicated to the continuous lifelong learning needs of the people of Southwest Louisiana. Its purpose is to assist in recruiting and retaining nontraditional students and to provide a variety of quality programs and delivery strategies designed to meet intellectual, cultural and ever-changing needs of the citizenry. To achieve this purpose, the University makes available a diversified selection of daytime and evening courses, off-campus classes, accelerated classes, telecourses, satellite teleconferencing and interactive compressed video opportunities, Web-based instruction, workshops, and short courses. These academic and community services allow personal development at times and in locations convenient for students who must plan their study programs around their work or other activities. The programs are available to all ages for learning new skills and increasing knowledge. In addition, Community Service and Outreach sponsors a summer enrichment program for children and youth.

EASE (Emphasis on Adult Special Entry)

EASE is a simplified admission and registration procedure. The following are eligible to apply through EASE:

  1. Adults age 60 or older;
  2. Adult students aged 25 or older who have obtained a high school diploma or GED and have never attended a college or university, ;
  3. Former McNeese students; AND
  4. Students with a bachelor’s degree who (1) are non-degree-seeking or non-certification-seeking and (2) do not intend to enroll in graduate courses.

Persons seeking financial aid or receiving veterans education benefits or those who do not meet the criteria listed above must enroll through the regular admissions process rather than through EASE.

EASE students are restricted to undergraduate courses for which they have the appropriate prerequisites; courses may be taken for credit or noncredit.

Appropriate official high school, GED, and/or college transcripts, and immunization forms are required for admission. ACT/SAT test scores or successful completion of developmental math and English classes are required for placement in entry-level math and English classes.

Anyone wishing to enroll in the EASE program should contact Community Services and Outreach in Kaufman Hall, complete an online application for admission, and pay a $20 application fee at the Cashier’s Office. Eligible adults can complete the entire process of admission, counseling and registration in the EASE office during regular and late registration. Tuition and application fee payments are payable at the Cashier’s Office. EASE Advisors are available during business hours Monday through Friday. Appointments may be scheduled between 4:15 and 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday, by calling (337) 475-5127.

Academic regulations of the university apply to EASE students. Courses taken for credit through the EASE program may be transferred to a degree program, if desired. EASE students transferring to a degree program must fulfill degree requirements in effect at the time of transfer to the degree program, not those in effect at the time of entry into the EASE program. EASE students electing to enter a degree program will be required to apply for regular admission and submit all official records required at that time.

Course fees for EASE students are the same as those for other students. Adults age 60 or older are eligible for reduced tuition fees for the first three academic credit hours each semester. Senior citizens do pay book fees and lab fees, if applicable. Refunds of fees follow the schedule as outlined in the university catalog.

Any student who has already registered through the EASE program and has provided the Registrar’s Office with the required records may continue under the same registration procedure. Eligible adults may visit Community Services and Outreach any time during registration and complete the entire process of admission, counseling, and enrollment in one office.

Leisure Learning

Leisure Learning, a part of Community Services and Outreach at McNeese State University, offers experiences for enrichment, enjoyment and self-improvement. Two major areas compose the Leisure Learning Program:

  1. A wide variety of short-term noncredit courses are offered including stained glass; the annual fall alligator harvest; ACT Grammar, Reading, and Math Reviews and a full range of Microsoft software courses. The classes are relaxed and enjoyable with no tests, grades, or term papers required.
  2. Tours to historical locations, special attractions, festivals, and fairs in Louisiana and neighboring states.

Each area offers different educational and cultural experiences for McNeese students and staff as well as the community at large. Each area fulfills a part of the University’s mission in providing intellectual growth in creative and cultural experiences.