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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Office of Scholarships and Testing

Ralynn F. Castete, Director

The Department of Scholarships and Testing provides information and assistance to prospective and current students in meeting their scholarship and testing needs. The Scholarship Office coordinates the application/selection/disbursement processes for the MSU academic scholarship program. The Testing Office provides assistance with a number of examinations related to the collegiate arena. The office is located in Burton Business Center, Room 204 or may be reached by calling (337) 475-5140 or (800) 622- 3352 extension 5140.

Testing Services

Testing services available include college entrance and placement examinations (ACT, COMPASS), graduate and professional school tests (GRE, LSAT, PRAXIS) national credit examinations (CLEP), college correspondence course exams, Midpoint Assessment of Academic Progress (MAAP) and the GED. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Testing Officer at (337) 475-5140.

Academic Scholarships for Full-Time Students

Application for academic scholarships should be made during the fall of an applicant’s senior year of high school. An ACT/SAT score, a six semester high school transcript, the Academic Scholarship Application, and the Application for Admission must be submitted by December 1 for priority consideration for an academic scholarship. The online application forms are available by clicking the following link: Academic Scholarships.

Entering Freshmen

Scholarships are awarded beginning in December and are effective the fall semester of the freshman year. Some scholarships are renewable provided the student meets certain established criteria.

  • Board of Supervisors Academic Scholarships. Awarded to outstanding Louisiana high school graduates. Scholarships are $4,000 (subject to change) per academic year. Selection is on a competitive basis of combined high school grades and ACT/SAT scores. The awards shall be for a maximum period of four years provided the student earns a minimum of twelve hours and maintains a cumulative 3.0 grade point average each semester. Approximately 25 are available each year.
  • H.C. Drew Foundation Scholarships. Awarded to students who major in one of the following disciplines: Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Chemistry, Clinical Laboratory Science, Computer Information Technology, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Finance, Teacher Education, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Science, General Studies (AGS), Marketing/Management, Radiologic Sciences, Nursing, Nutrition and Family Studies, Paralegal Studies, Biological Sciences with a Premedicine Concentration, and Special Education. Selection is made on a competitive basis within applicable disciplines based upon high school grades and ACT/SAT scores (subject to funding).
  • Distinguished Achievement Award. Available to incoming freshmen who have achieved academic and leadership success. The award is typically $500-$2000 per year (subject to change) and may be renewable provided the student earns 12 hours each semester and maintains a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
  • McNeese Enrollment Management Scholarship. Available to first-time McNeese attendees. Selection is based on GPA, ACT, class rank, and/or other qualities which demonstrate the potential for success at the college level. Awards are renewable provided the student meets compliance criteria. Interested students should submit the Academic Scholarship Application.
  • McNeese Residence Hall Scholarship. Award amount varies and is renewable provided the student earns a 3.0 grade point average, remains in good standing with the University, resides in a residence hall, and purchases a meal ticket.

Transfer Students

Students transferring to MSU may apply for scholarships by completing the Academic Scholarship Application and Application for Admission. Applications are available by clicking the following link: Applications.

Continuing Students

Replacement scholarships are awarded to upperclassmen as availability occurs. Students are encouraged to file an Academic Scholarship Application in the Scholarship Office, Kaufman Hall, Room 156. In addition to the foregoing scholarships, the Scholarship Office administers a number of private donor awards which are sponsored by private organizations, industry, the McNeese Alumni Association, and the McNeese Foundation.

Music, Band, Art and Choral Scholarships

Scholarships in these areas may also be available to incoming and continuing students. Interested students should contact the appropriate department for information on scholarship opportunities and application procedures.

Cheerleaders and Cowgirl Kickers

Scholarships may by available for participants in these groups. Students should contact the director of these groups for additional information on auditions.

Rodeo Scholarships

Number and amount of rodeo scholarships vary each year depending on private donor funding. Selection is based on scholastic ability, leadership qualities, and competitiveness in the sport of rodeo. Apply to the Rodeo Coach.

Other Financial Assistance

The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) and Rockefeller Scholarships are available to eligible Louisiana high school graduates. Information may be obtained from the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, www.osfa.la.gov. Telephone number 1-800-259-5626. Vocational Rehabilitation is a public service program for the disabled. Students should check with their high school counselor or the nearest Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Office.

Foundation Scholarships and Awards

The listing of Foundation Scholarships and Awards is published on the McNeese State University Web site. Application should be made to the Scholarship Office utilizing the McNeese Academic Scholarship Application.

Private Donor Scholarships

The listing of Private Donor Scholarships is published on the McNeese State University Web site. Application should be made to the Scholarship Office utilizing the McNeese Academic Scholarship Application.

Funded through a $6 million donation by the H.C. Drew Estate, the H. C. Drew Endowment for Economic Development was established to support new, or enhance existing, educational programs at McNeese. A pioneer in lumber, farming, and banking in Southwest Louisiana, Harrison C. Drew dedicated the trust named after him to education and economic development in the region. Consistent with his wishes, the proceeds of the endowment are dedicated to improving educational opportunities and experiences through the H. C. Drew Center for Associate Studies and the H. C. Drew Institute.

The H.C. Drew Endowment for Economic Development

The H.C. Drew Center for Associate Studies

Ralynn Castete, Director

The H. C. Drew Center for Associate Studies provides access to higher education for students seeking the associate degree. The Center fulfills McNeese’s responsibility to these students through excellent academic planning, advisement, and career counseling. Through increases in the number of students graduating with associate degrees, the Center contributes to economic development in Southwest Louisiana by providing graduates with extensive knowledge in their field of study as well as a level of education necessary to good citizenship.

Functions of the H. C. Drew Center for Associate Studies include (1) recruiting students interested in associate programs, (2) providing services to enhance student achievement, (3) facilitating articulation of associate and baccalaureate degree programs, and (4) communicating with local business and industry in order to ensure the quality and usefulness of the University’s associate degree programs.

The H.C. Drew Institute

The H. C. Drew institute The H. C. Drew Institute reflects McNeese State University’s commitment to excellence in teaching. Its main purpose is to augment the University’s contributions to economic development by providing resources to enhance classroom instruction and educational services for students pursuing baccalaureate and/or master’s degrees. The efforts of the H. C. Drew Institute concentrate on learning, research, and service in educational programs directed toward entry into the job market or continuing professional education.

Operating through the Office of Academic and Student Affairs, the Institute’s objectives are (1) to support teaching excellence through innovative course or program development, (2) to enhance student recruitment and retention, (3) to support economic development by graduating students well prepared in general education and in their special fields of study, and (4) to strengthen McNeese State University by supporting accreditation of programs.