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2013-2014 Academic Catalog 
2013-2014 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Career Services Center

Ralynn Castete, Director

The McNeese Career Services Center offers lifetime career assistance to the students and alumni of McNeese. The center is the campus focal point for students, alumni, and potential employers. It is committed to serving students and employers and assisting both to meet their employment needs. Students are encouraged to register on Cowboy Job Link, which can be done via the Web site: http://www.mcneese.edu/career/, to have the opportunity to apply and interview for job opportunities.

Career testing is also available to McNeese students by appointment for a fee of $35. The Career Management Battery consists of three assessment tools including aptitude, interest, and personality. This test administration and interpretation are designed to provide information to assist students and explore all relevant occupations. Some of the online programs available to aid in career development are Career Insider, an educational tool utilizing an online career library; SIGI Plus, a computerized career guidance and planning system; Type Focus Careers, an interactive online program that assists students in developing career plans using personality type strengths; and What Can I Do with This Major?, a resource that helps students connect majors with careers as well as outlining common career areas, find typical employers and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. The center offers a variety of additional resources including a career library containing informational videos, reference materials and career planning information as well as providing skills in resume writing, interviewing and an opportunity to participate in on-campus interviews.

Career fairs are held biannually on campus through the center, which offers an opportunity for students and alumni to make contact with potential employers in the public and private sector. Teacher job fairs are also scheduled biannually for teacher education graduates  and alumni.

The use of electronic applications for students and employers enables the Career Services Center to be of greater assistance in the registration and employment process for students, alumni, and employers. It is not responsible for assuring employment; however, it provides advice and serves as a liaison between the student and the employer. The student is ultimately responsible for career decisions and employment. The Center is located in Holbrook Student Union Building across from the bookstore.