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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Louisiana Common Course Numbers (LCCNs)

Some transfer articulation agreements exist between McNeese State University and other Louisiana public, postsecondary institutions. These agreements outline the correlation between McNeese courses and courses from other institutions. To aid students transferring within the state, the Louisiana Board of Regents and state institutions developed a master course articulation matrix, which can be viewed at https://www.laregents.edu/articulationandtransfer/.

Below are McNeese’s equivalents to the Louisiana Common Course Numbers (LCCNs).

Common Course Number Common Course Title McNeese Course Number
CACC 2113 Introduction to Financial Accounting ACCT 208  
CACC 2213 Introduction to Managerial Accounting ACCT 241  
CACC 3113 Cost Accounting (Upper Level) ACCT 311  
CACC 3213 Tax I (Upper Level) ACCT 317  
CACC 3223 Tax II (Upper Level) ACCT 319  
CACC 3313 Auditing (Upper Level) ACCT 415  
CART 1013 Exploring the Arts  ARTS 151  
CART 1023 Introduction to Visual Arts ART 251  
CART 1113 Art Structure/2-D Design ART 101  
CART 1123 3-D Design ART 245  
CART 2103 Art History I ART 261  
CART 2113 Art History II ART 262  
CART 2203 Beginning Drawing ART 217  
CART 2303 Color Theory ART 102  
Biological Sciences 
CBIO 1013 General Biology I BIOL 105  
CBIO 1023  General Biology II BIOL 106   
CBIO 1031 General Biology I Lab (Science Majors)  
CBIO 1033 General Biology I (Science Majors)  
CBIO 1034 General Biology I Lec + Lab (Science Majors)  and  
CBIO 1041 General Biology II Lab (Science Majors)  
CBIO 1043 General Biology II (Science Majors)  
CBIO 1044 General Biology II Lec + Lab (Science Majors)  and  
CBIO 2101 General Microbiology Lab  
CBIO 2114 Microbiology for Nursing & Allied Health Lec + Lab   
CBIO 2124 General Microbiology (Science Majors) Lec + Lab  
CBIO 2211 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
CBIO 2214 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Lec + Lab)  
CBIO 2221 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
CBIO 2224 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Lec + Lab)  
CBIO 2234 Comparative Anatomy Lec + Lab  
CBIO 2703 Nutrition  
CBIO 3401 Biochemistry I Lab (Upper Level)  
CBIO 3403 Biochemistry I (Upper Level)  
CBIO 3521 Genetics Lab (Upper Level)
CBIO 3524 Genetics Lec + Lab (Upper Level)  
CBIO 3643 Evolutional Biology  
CBIO 4143 Cell Biology (Upper Level)  
CBIO 4413 Biochemistry II (Upper Level)  
CBIO 4523 Immunology  
CBIO 4534 Molecular Biology (Lec + Lab)  
CBUS 1003 General/Introduction to Business Administration  
CBUS 2003 Legal Environment  
CBUS 2203 Computer Applications   
CCEM 1003 General, Organic & Biochemistry  
CCEM 1013 General Chemistry Survey I  
CCEM 1121 Chemistry I Lab (Science Majors)  
CCEM 1124 Chemistry I Lec + Lab (Science Majors)  
CCEM 1131 Chemistry II Lab (Science Majors)  
CCEM 1132 Chemistry I+II Lab (Science Majors)  and  
CCEM 1134 Chemistry II Lec + Lab (Science Majors)  
CCEM 2203 Organic Chemistry, Survey  
CCOM 1113 Introduction to Mass Media  
CCOM 2013 Public Speaking  
CCOM 2213 Interpersonal Communication  
Criminal Justice
CCRJ 1013 Introduction to Criminal Justice  
CCRJ 2013 Introduction to Corrections  
CCRJ 2113 Criminology  
CCRJ 2213 Criminal Law  
CCRJ 2313 Introduction to Policing  
CECO 4124 Principles of Ecology Lec + Lab (Upper Level)  
CECN 2213 Macroeconomics  
CECN 2223 Microeconomics  
CECN 3113 Money, Banking & the Economy (Upper Level)  
CEDU 1013 Foundations in Multicultural Education  
CENL 1013 English Composition I  
CENL 1023 English Composition II    
CENL 2103 British Literature I   
CENL 2113 British Literature II  
CENL 2303 Introduction to Fiction  
CENL 2313 Introduction to Poetry and/or Drama  
CENL 2323 Introduction to Literature  
CENL 2413 Introduction to Women’s Literature  
CENL 2503 Mythology or Folklore  
CENL 2513 Foundations of Professional Writing (Lower Level)  
CENL 2523 Creative Writing (Various Genres)  or  
Environmental Sciences 
CEVS 1103 Environmental Science  
CFIN 3113 Principles of Business Finance (Upper Level)  
CFRN 1013 Elementary French I  
CFRN 1014 Elementary French I  and FREN 1XX (1 credit)
CFRN 1023 Elementary French II   
CFRN 1024 Elementary French II  and FREN 1XX (1 credit)
CFRN 2013 Intermediate French I   
CFRN 2014 Intermediate French I  and FREN 2XX (1 credit)
CFRN 2023  Intermediate French II   
CFRN 2026 Intermediate French I+II   and  
CGRG 2013 Human Geography  
Geology and Earth Sciences 
CGEO 1103 Physical Geology  
CGEO 1113 Historical Geology  
CGRM 1013 Elementary German I  
CGRM 1014 Elementary German I  and GERM 1XX (1 credit)
CGRM 1023 Elementary German II  
CGRM 1024 Elementary German II  and GERM 1XX (1 credit)
Health Studies
CHLT 1103 Medical Terminology  
CHIS 1013 Western Civilization I  
CHIS 1023 Western Civilization II  
CHIS 1113 World Civilization I  
CHIS 1123 World Civilization II  
CHIS 2013 American History I  
CHIS 2023 American History II  
CLTN 1013 Elementary Latin I  
CLTN 1014 Elementary Latin I  and LATN 1XX (1 credit)
CLTN 1023 Elementary Latin II  
CLTN 1024 Elementary Latin II  and LATN 1XX (1 credit)
CLTN 1026  Elementary Latin I+II  and  
CLTN 2013 Intermediate Latin I   
CLTN 2023  Intermediate Latin II   
CMGM 3013 Management Information Systems  
CMGM 3103 Principles of Management (Upper Level)  
CMGM 3213 Production & Operations (Upper Level)  
CMGM 3313 Human Resource Managament (Upper Level)  
CMGM 3513 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Upper Level)   
CMGM 4103 Organizational Behavior (Upper Level)  
CMKT 3003 Princples of Marketing (Upper Level)  
CMKT 3103 Retail Management  
CMKT 3203 Personal/Professional Selling (Upper Level)  
CMAT 1103 Contemporary Mathematics  
CMAT 1213 College Algebra                   
CMAT 1223 Trigonometry  
CMAT 1235 Algebra and Trigonometry (5 Credits)  
CMAT 1236 Algebra and Trigonometry (6 Credits)  and  
CMAT 1303 Introductory Statistics   
CMAT 1313 Finite Mathematics  
CMAT 2114 Calculus I  
CMAT 2124 Calculus II   
CMUS 1013 Music Appreciation  
CPHL 1013 Introduction to Philosophy  
CPHL 2113 Introduction to Logic  
CPHY 1023 Physical Science I  
CPHY 2111 Physics I Lab (Algebra/Trigonometry Based)  
CPHY 2113 Physics I (Algebra/Trigonometry Based)  
CPHY 2114 Physics I (Algebra/Trigonometry Based) Lec + Lab  and  
CPHY 2121 Physics II Lab (Algebra/Trigonometry Based)  
CPHY 2123 Physics II (Algebra/Trigonometry Based)  
CPHY 2124 Physics II (Algebra/Trigonometry Based) Lec + Lab  and  
CPHY 2133 Physics I (Calculus Based)  
CPHY 2153 Physics III (Calculus Based)  
Political Science 
CPOL 2013 Introduction to American Government  
CPSY 2013 Introduction to Psychology  
CPSY 2113 Developmental Psychology  
CPSY 2213 Adolescent Psychology  
CPSY 2313 Child Psychology  
CREL 2213 World Religions  
CSOC 2013 Introduction to Sociology  
CSOC 2113 Social Problems  
CSOC 3013 Sociological Theory  
CSPN 1013 Elementary Spanish I  
CSPN 1014 Elementary Spanish I  and SPAN 1XX (1 credit)
CSPN 1023 Elementary Spanish II  
CSPN 1024 Elementary Spanish II  and SPAN 1XX (1 credit)
CSPN 1026 Elementary Spanish I+II  and  
CSPN 2013 Intermediate Spanish I  
CSPN 2014 Intermediate Spanish I  and SPAN 2XX (1 credit)
CSPN 2023 Intermediate Spanish II    
CSPN 2026 Intermediate Spanish I+II  and  
CTHE 1013 Introduction to Theatre  
CTHE 2103 Acting I  
CTHE 2113 Acting II  
CTHE 2203 Voice for the Stage   
CTHE 2303 Stagecraft  , , or  

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