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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Cowboy Camp: New Student Orientation

Cowboy Camp: New Student Orientation is designed for first-time freshmen and provides them with essential information and tools necessary to be a successful McNeese student. The experience assists freshmen in adapting to the University environment and becoming a part of the campus community. Sessions are scheduled during the summer for students who will be first-time freshmen in the fall. Freshmen participate in several programmatic elements including general assemblies, engagement activities, and content-specific breakout sessions. Students also learn McNeese traditions, interact with Rowdy Rider Orientation Leaders, and meet fellow incoming students to establish a supportive network. Cowboy Camp is exciting, interactive, and motivational. Each student will leave orientation ready to be a Poke. Students must register in advance for their orientation session. Students who register for one of the Cowboy Camp: New Student Orientation sessions are assessed a non-refundable $250 orientation fee that covers expenses associated with the program and advisor support throughout the freshman year.

Non-traditional and transfer students are eligible to attend a shortened version of orientation provided for students who may not need the rigorous two-day experience provided at Cowboy Camp sessions. To be eligible for this orientation option, a student must be:

  • a first-time freshman who is age 21 or older before the start of their first semester;
  • a transfer student coming to McNeese with non-dual enrollment credits from a previous institution; or
  • a current McNeese student needing orientation credit to fulfill degree requirements.

Even though it is condensed, this orientation model still provides students with essential information necessary to prepare them for a successful career as McNeese students. Foundational information is provided, and there is an opportunity for expanded knowledge shared in optional extended breakouts. Students who register for the non-traditional/transfer orientation will be assessed a non-refundable $100 orientation fee. Online-only students have a separate online orientation designed for the unique needs of the online learner. Online-only students will be assessed a $75 non-refundable orientation fee after completing the online orientation. Online-only student orientation is managed by the Office of Freshman Advising.

Questions regarding Cowboy Camp or any of the alternate orientation programs should be directed to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership at (337) 475-5618 or cowboycamp@mcneese.edu. Questions regarding online-only student orientation should be directed to the Office of Freshman Advising at (337) 475-5139 or freshmanadvising@mcneese.edu.

Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation operates concurrently with summer freshman orientation sessions for traditional incoming students. The program introduces parents to campus operations, services for students, and university personnel to prepare them to be supportive guides to their students throughout their McNeese career. A small portion of parent orientations integrate parents with the student orientation experience. The remainder of the program is exclusive and designed specifically with the parents in mind. Parent Orientation is not required, but strongly encouraged for all parents–especially parents of first-generation college students. Questions regarding Parent Orientation should be directed to the Office of Freshman Advising at (337) 475-5139 or freshmanadvising@mcneese.edu.