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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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HHP 446 - Methods and Materials in Health and Physical Education for Elementary Schools (Lec. 3, Cr. 3)

Basic health and physical education for elementary students. Applications of teaching theories; consideration of developmentally appropriate practices relative to LCET, AAHE, and NASPE; introduction to interpreting and integrating vital health topics, movement performance and strategies to provide a safe environment; continued development of skill in the reflective writing process is emphasized. Teacher candidates must complete twenty (20) hours of clinical education in an approved/assigned Pre-K through Eighth grade physical/health education setting.  

No duplicate credit for HHP 446 and HHP 444, HHP 445, or HPED 446.

Prerequisite: EDUC 200 or EDUC 499.

Lec. 3 Cr. 3

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