Mar 25, 2023  
2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

William J. Dore’, Sr. School of Graduate Studies

McNeese State University was established to bring to Southwest Louisiana an institution of higher learning which would provide students with equal opportunities to receive the education and training needed to participate fully and wisely in the intellectual, economic, and social life of our democratic society. The purpose of the Doré School of Graduate Studies (DSGS) is fourfold:

  • Professional training, for increased competency in specialized fields.
  • Research, to further the development of students in techniques and methods of scholarly research.
  • Knowledge, to develop broader and deeper understanding of human knowledge.
  • Preparation, to stimulate and encourage students to prepare themselves for further graduate study.

Administration. The Dean of the Graduate School serves as the chief administrative officer for graduate programs at the University. The Graduate Dean administers and coordinates graduate programs and makes final decisions regarding admissions, changes in degree status, admission to candidacy for the degree, certification of candidates for graduation, and all other aspects of graduate studies. Graduate instruction is supervised by the appropriate deans, department heads and graduate faculty under policies set forth by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors and McNeese State University.

The Graduate Council consists of one representative from each college. The Dean of the Graduate School serves as Executive Secretary, and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and University President are ex officio members. A student member is selected by the seated Council and appointed by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

The Graduate Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the Graduate School and to the administration. The Council is responsible for the approval of new courses, course changes, and the modifications of existing degree programs. In addition, the Graduate Council reviews credentials and nominates faculty to teach graduate-level courses. The Graduate Council also hears and acts on graduate-student petitions or grade appeals.

Graduate Faculty. The graduate faculty consists of those members of the teaching faculty who have been so designated by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, upon recommendation by the Dean of the Graduate School acting upon appropriate nominations by the Graduate Council. The graduate faculty is composed of three types of membership: Member, Associate Member, and Temporary Member. Each graduate faculty appointment will be reviewed by the appropriate department head, dean, and the Graduate Council when the faculty member applies for continuing membership in the graduate faculty.