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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Education Professions

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Dr. Debbie King, Department Head


The purposes of the Department of Education Professions are:

  • To meet the educational needs of educators interested in becoming administrators and supervisors and who wish to enhance their skills, and to prepare educators and community leaders for applications of instructional technology;
  • To provide an atmosphere conducive to the development of educational leaders in the community;
  • To provide opportunities for expansion of knowledge;
  • To prepare candidates to use technology in teaching and professional development experiences;
  • To prepare students to fulfill their role in the teaching profession;
  • To encourage the continued professional preparation of school personnel;
  • To assist school personnel through advisory and consultative services;
  • To encourage research and development of new knowledge for the improvement of educational practice; and
  • To prepare special educators committed to developing the highest educational and quality of life potential of exceptional children and youth.


The development of an effective teacher involves the process of acquiring skills that will promote life-long learning. In keeping with the University's mission of providing learning opportunities; enhancing intellectual, civic, and cultural well-being; and improving the quality of life, the faculty strives to:

  • Enable the candidate to prepare for the roles of leadership and participation in the community by developing appropriate knowledge, skills and dispositions;
  • Assist the candidate in acquiring an enriched background, depth of specialization, and breadth of knowledge necessary for teaching all students;
  • Help the candidate master techniques for adapting and applying instructional content, resources, and strategies to respond to cultural, gender, linguistic, learning, and socioeconomic differences;
  • Provide the candidate with knowledge of principles of human growth and development and how to apply these principles to student learning;
  • Encourage the candidate to acquire a sense of loyalty and service to the profession;
  • Develop within the candidate a desire for continuous self-improvement;
  • Model the belief that all students can learn and succeed regardless of his or her ethnic, racial, gender, socioeconomic, language, and/or religious background; and
  • Develop abilities to utilize state, professional, and institutional standards related to assessment.

The intent of the department is to produce educators who participate in educational and community environments in a manner that contributes to the cultural and intellectual advancement of all members of the community.

Graduation Requirements

Students in the Department of Education Professions must meet all of the graduation requirements listed in the Degree and Graduation Requirements  section of the Academic Regulations page. Students must also meet all requirements for admission and progression through the teacher education program, student teaching, and graduation as stated on the Burton College of Education  page. 

Office of Graduate Education Programs

The Office of Graduate Education Programs offers a number of possibilities for post-baccalaureate study including Post-Baccalaureate Certificate programs as well as Master of Science, Master of Education, and Master of Arts in Teaching programs. Additional information can be obtained by consulting the Office of Graduate Education Programs or the William J. Doré, Sr. School of Graduate Studies  page.


    Bachelor of Science
    Post-Baccalaureate CertificateMinor

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