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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Biology

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Dr. William Dees, Department Head


The purpose of the Department of Biology parallels the purposes of the College of Science and Agriculture and the University, reflected in the following: (1) preparing students for advanced study in graduate or professional schools, (2) providing graduates with skills required for employment in the discipline of their choice, (3) advancing knowledge through scientific research, (4) serving the community in matters relating to biological concerns, (5) serving scientific disciplines through professional activities, and (6) providing general education courses to students in other areas of study within the University.


The Department of Biology offers the Bachelor of Science degree in biological science. This program provides individuals with a basic foundation in the biological sciences. The completion of this curriculum provides the student with the background to teach biology at the secondary level or to enter graduate or professional schools. The Department of Biology also offers a minor in biology.

Prerequisite Courses for Certain Professional Programs

Students may take courses at McNeese State University in order to be eligible for the clinical phase of certain associate or baccalaureate professional programs not affiliated with the University. Each professional school has control of its admission procedures and policies, and admission to clinical training is on a competitive basis. McNeese State University, therefore, has no role in or control over the selection and admission of students in these professional schools.

Each student should study carefully the precise requirements of the professional school of his or her choice and, if simultaneously pursuing a degree at McNeese State University, make sure that all of the professional school's prerequisites also are included in their degree plan. The Department of Biology will assist students in making course selections; however, students should be aware that ultimate determination of course equivalency rests solely with the professional school.

Graduation Requirements

Each student in the Department of Biology must earn a grade of C or better in all BIOL courses and meet all graduation requirements listed in the Degree and Graduation Requirements  section of the Academic Regulations page. Each graduating senior will be required to take either a departmental exit examination or Praxis exam. The results from the Praxis will be compared to national scores for assessment of program progress. A student concentrating in biology education must also meet all requirements for admission and progression through the teacher education program, student teaching, and graduation as stated on the Burton College of Education  page.

Graduate Studies

The Department of Biology offers a program leading to a Master of Science degree in environmental and chemical sciences with a concentration in integrative biology. Additional information and curricula are available on the program page below.


    Bachelor of Science
    Master of Science

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