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2008-2009 Academic Catalog 
2008-2009 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Physics (B.S.)

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Refer to requirements relating to Writing Enriched courses.

Junior Year

Total Semester Hours: 29

  • Technical Electives4 - 3
  • Communications Electives3 - 6
  • Electives5 - 3

Senior Year

Total Semester Hours: 34

  • Physics Electives - 6
  • Technical Electives4 - 3
  • Electives5 - 14
  • 300+ Math

Total Hours for Degree: 125


Students who intend to apply for admission to medical school must expect to attend at least one summer session if they wish to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree within four years. As part of their capstone experience students are required to take the ETS Major Field Achievement Test in Physics during the second semester of their senior year.

2Restricted to Economics, Geography, Anthropology, Political Science, Government, Psychology, or Sociology.
3Restricted to French, German, Russian, Speech 101, 201, or Computer Science.
4Technical electives may be taken in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, or (with the approval of the department head) Biology.
5At least 6 hours to be taken from Foreign Languages (above intro-level), Philosophy, religious studies, history, speech communication, and literature. At least 3 hours to also be taken from Biological and Environmental Sciences. At least 3 hours must meet international education requirement.

Double Major in Physics and Mathematics

A student may obtain a double major in Physics and Mathematics by including the following Mathematics courses among the courses for the Physics degree:

  • In addition, 12 hours of electives must be chosen from Mathematical Sciences.

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