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2008-2009 Academic Catalog 
2008-2009 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Agricultural Science (B.S.)

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Refer to requirements relating to Writing Enriched courses.

Degree Requirements

Total Hours for Degree: 125

  • Art, Music, or Theatre Elective - 3
  • CSCI or CPST Elective - 3
  • Humanities Elective - 3
    Foreign language (above the introductory level), philosophy, religion, history, speech, or literature. Must meet international education requirement. - 6Social Science Elective Economics, geography, anthropology, government psychology, or sociology
  • Approved Elective - 4
  • Courses required for concentration - 71-75


*Required: Animal Science 302 or 303, 441 or 442, and 423. Electives: Six hours of animal science courses (300-400 level)

Additional Requirements: 4-5

(Consult advisor.)

  • CHEM 311
  • CHEM 311L



*Pre-Veterinary medicine students may complete the above curricula (in addition to the University and Agricultural Sciences core courses through the junior year) and after successfully completing the first year of work in an accredited school of veterinary medicine (to make a total of at least 125 semester hours) receive a Bachelor of Science degree from McNeese. Students must fulfill all other degree requirements.

OR Pre-Veterinary medicine students may complete electives approved by the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advisor to ensure fulfillment of all other degree requirements and of which 15 hours must be Animal Science courses including ANSC 423.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Course Recommendations

It is strongly recommended that the student consult their advisor concerning specific electives.

The specific requirements for admission vary among schools of veterinary medicine. Students should consult the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advisor at McNeese as soon as possible concerning the courses required for the schools of veterinary medicine they wish to attend. Students interested in pursuing application to veterinary school follow courses in their freshman and sophomore years:

  • BIOL 211L

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