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2012-2013 Academic Catalog 
2012-2013 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Foreign Languages (B.A.)

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Concentrations in Foreign Language Education1, French, Latin, Spanish, or Comparative Literature

Freshman Year

Total Hours: 31

Sophomore Year

Total Hours: 30

Junior Year

Total Hours: 30

Senior Year

Total Hours: 29

First Semester

  • Primary Foreign Language 300+3 - 6
  • Electives4- 9

Second Semester

  • Electives4 - 11
  • FORL 410 - 3


1Foreign Language candidates who wish to pursue the Foreign Language Education concentration will take EDTC 100, EDUC 204, EDUC 412, and EDUC instead of ENGL 201, ENGL 202, ENGL 401, ENGL 402, and COMM 201. They must fulfill their social science credits with PSYC 211 and PSYC 311. They must take EDUC 245 instead of CPST 101 and FORL 485 instead of FORL 410. For general electives, they must include EDUC 333, EDUC 406, EDUC 440, and EDUC 4688S. CANDIDATES WHO WISH TO PURSUE THIS CONCENTRATION IN ‘Foreign Language Education’ MUST WORK CLOSELY WITH THEIR ADVISOR EVERY SEMESTER IN ORDER TO GET THE CORRECT SEQUENCE OF COURSES.

2Refer to General Education Requirements  relating to Writing Enriched courses. Sciences must included at least one biological and one physical science course.

3If the concentration is in French, required primary language courses are: FREN 101-102, 201-202, 301-302, 311, 312, 321, or 322, 411 (may be repeated as approved), and 425.  If the concentration is in Latin, required primary language courses are: LATN 101-102, 201-202, 301, 401, and 411 (LATN 401 and 411 may be repated as approved). If the ocncentration is in Spanish, required primary language courses are: SPAN 101-102, 201-202, 301, 312, 341, 343, and 411 (may be repeated as approved). Students choosing the Comparative Literature concentration, must also take the following: 6 hours of their second foreign language at the 200+ level; ENGL 491 (which will serve as the capstone); and ENGL 221 or ENGL 404 or ENGL 479 or ENGL 495. These students may omit the following from their curriculum: ENGL 201-202, FORL 410, and one upper-level foreign language course.

4At least three hours of electives must be in the primary foreign language.

Total Hours for Degree: 120

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