May 25, 2019  
2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Organizational Leadership (B.A.)

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The Organizational Leadership program is designed to:

  1. facilitate life-long learning goals of adult learners;
  2. provide an opportunity for adult learners to develop additional knowledge in the areas of leadership, organizational change, workplace development and performance;
  3. provide an opportunity for adult learners to develop frther knowledge in a specific area of concentration;
  4. provide an avenue of higher education that meets the needs of adult learners for personal enrichment and/or professional advancement;
  5. provide adult learners with educational mobility options in a world where career changes are increasing;
  6. provide a relevant, flexible curriculum desgined for working adult students that offers the potential to apply prior learning through course credit and work/life experiences to the degree plan; and
  7. contribute to the economic development goals of the state of Louisiana by providing a relevant degree option for working adults to earn a baccalaureate degree.


Prior to admission to the program, a student must be 25 years or older, have earned 60 college-level credit hours, and have completed 39 hours of general education requirements as listed below:

  • English Composition - 6 hours
  • Mathematics - 6 hours
    • Includes mathematics, statistics, and symbolic logic.
    • Must include College Algebra or above.
  • Natural Sciences - 9 hours
    • Must include both biological and physical sciences. Six hours must be earned in a single biological or physical science area; the remaining 3 hours must be earned in a science area other than that previously selected.
    • Biological sciences include biology, biochemistry, botany, environmental science, microbiology, and zoology.
    • Physical sciences include astronomy/meteorology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, physical science, and physics.
  • Humanities - 9 hours
    • Includes classical studies, communication, foreign language (above intro-level), history, literature, philosophy, and religious studies.
    • Must include 3 hours of public speaking.
  • Fine Arts - 3 hours
    • Includes applied arts, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences - 6 hours
    • Includes anthropology, criminal justice, economics, geography, international studies, government/political science, psychology, and sociology.

Pre-Admission Requirements

Total Hours: 60

  • General Education Courses - 39 hours
  • Free Electives - 21 hours

Total Hours for Degree: 120

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