Dec 09, 2023  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Agricultural Sciences, Pre-Veterinary Medicine Concentration, BS

Total Hours Required for Degree: 120

The specific requirements for admission to schools of veterinary medicine vary. Students should consult the Pre-Veterinary Medicine advisor at McNeese State University as soon as possible concerning the courses required for the schools of veterinary medicine they wish to attend.

Students interested in applying to veterinary school should complete the following courses in their freshman and sophomore years:  AGRI 111; ANSC 101; BIOL 101-101L, 102-102L, 211 (with lab); CHEM 101, 102; CHEM 211 (with lab) or CHEM 301-301L; CHEM 265 or CHEM 275; COMM 201; ENGL 101, 102; MATH 113, 175; and PHYS 201, 202.  It is strongly recommended that students consult their advisor concerning specific electives.

Senior Fall - 14-15 hours

  • ANSC Electives (300/400 Level) - 6 hours
  • Elective - 2-3 hours
  • Elective (300/400 Level) - 3 hours

Senior Spring - 13 hours

  • ANSC Electives (300/400 Level) - 6 hours
  • Electives (300/400 Level) - 6 hours


  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine students may complete the above curricula through the junior year and, after successfully completing the first year of work in an accredited school of veterinary medicine, receive a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences from McNeese State University. Students must fulfill all other degree requirements.
  • Students must earn a grade of C or better in all AGEC, AGRI, AGRO, and ANSC courses.

General Notes

  • All bachelor’s degrees must include 40 hours at the 300/400 level.
  • All bachelor’s degrees require the successful completion of at least nine hours of Natural Sciences General Education Core Curriculum  courses. Six hours shall be earned in a single life or physical science; the remaining three hours must be earned in a natural science area other than that previously selected (both life and physical sciences must be taken to fulfill this requirement).
  • All degree and graduation requirements may be found on the Academic Regulations  page.