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2008-2009 Academic Catalog 
2008-2009 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Lether E. Frazar Memorial Library

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Nancy L. Khoury, Director

The Library is named for the first president of McNeese State University. The collections and services of the Library are designed to complement the educational and research programs of the University.

The original building was erected in 1961. A four-story addition to the original structure was completed in 1974.

General Book Collection


The general book collection is housed in open stack areas and is arranged by Library of Congress Classification. This allows users the opportunity to browse and select books themselves. The location of specific books may be determined by using the online public access catalog. Individuals borrowing books from the general collection must present an official identification card to an authorized person in the Circulation Department.

Reserve Materials


Books and articles designated by faculty for reading by members of a class may be obtained from the reserve section of the Circulation Department. The length of time that students may use reserve material will depend upon the faculty member’s time limit request.

Reference and Information Service


Personnel are available in the public service areas (Reference, Interlibrary Loan, Circulation, Serials, Government Documents, and Archives) to offer or secure assistance for library users. Information service may range from providing a simple direction to a more complex reference transaction involving guidance in location and use of library materials.

The Reference Department houses general and specialized materials including encyclopedias, bibliographies, atlases, dictionaries, indexes, abstracts, and book reviews, as well as many other tools which embrace all academic disciplines.

A growing number of automated services are available for bibliographic searching and information retrieval. Catalogs, periodical indexes, and full-text databases are offered via the LOUIS Information Network. Internet workstations are available in the Reference Room for information and research needs. Librarians are available to provide search assistance.

Interlibrary Loan Service


Through its interlibrary loan service, the Library will secure materials necessary for research if the material is not available locally. Material borrowed on interlibrary loan is subject to the rules of the lending library. The borrower is responsible for the cost of photocopies.

General Documents Collection


The government documents collection is located on the fourth floor of the Library. The Library is a selective depository for United States government documents on various subjects. It is a complete depository for Louisiana documents and receives some publications of international, local, and regional governmental bodies. Federal, state, and international information is accessible in electronic formats.

Periodicals Collection


The Library’s periodicals collection is housed on the second floor and includes magazines, journals, and newspapers. These may be available as unbound individual issues, bound back volumes, or as microforms. A printed list of periodical holdings is available in the library and through the library’s web page. The library’s on-line catalog also contains summaries for each title owned by McNeese. Readers and printers for microforms as well as video equipment are available. General and specialized indexes and abstracts used for locating information in periodicals are located in the Reference Department and available on-line through the LOUIS System and the library’s web page. Videos for currently offered telecourses are available for viewing in the library.

Archives and Special Collections


The Archives and Special Collections Department is a growing resource of historical documents reflecting the history, growth, and development of McNeese, Lake Charles, and Southwest Louisiana. Housed in the department are books by local authors; books about the area; McNeese publications such as theses, the Log, and the Contraband; a large photograph collection; and numerous local history collections, including a collection of the oldest area newspapers. The department also contains a collection of rare books.

On-Line Systems


The Library is a member of OCLC through its regional network, SOLINET. OCLC is the largest on-line bibliographic utility in the world. It is capable of providing shared cataloging data and access to research collections nationally and internationally through Interlibrary Loan. As a charter member of the Louisiana Online University Information System (LOUIS), the library has an automated link to other academic libraries in the state. The library is a full participant in the Louisiana Library Network (LLN). This alliance of academic, public, and school libraries provides patrons with access to on-line resources which include journal databases, the INTERNET, and holdings from other academic libraries in the state. Patrons may now access LOUIS through the library Web site at http://library.mcneese.edu.

Computer Lab


A computer lab for students, equipped with personal computers and copy facilities, is located on the second floor of the library. It is open during most hours of library operation. Users have free access to word processing software, e-mail and Internet based resources. Some full-text materials are accessible via the LOUIS System and the library’s web page. In addition, the library maintains a computer facility in the Reference Department to accommodate the needs of all non-student library users.

Special Services


Photocopy machines, typewriters, audio and video equipment, vending machines, change machines, large group meeting rooms, group study rooms, and individual study areas are available.

Friends of the Library


Membership in the Friends of the Library group is open to anyone. Friends are entitled to all Library privileges. Membership may be used as a means to place books in the collection in honor of or in memory of someone. Funds generated by Friends of the McNeese Library memberships sponsor special library activities such as readings, lectures, exhibits, and workshops. Friends receive special invitations to all library sponsored events.

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